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90.4th Paradisæblevej
Valby, 2500


Drawing windows since 1988. British visual artist based in Copenhagen traveling globally.

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Daniel van der Noon


So long as the mind is in motion there are always new, unfamiliar glades of expression that can be drawn out through the invention of new processes. Each style of line yields expressions from a different territory of the mind. Cultivate a LINE – that is to say, spend time practicing and understanding it - and this practice becomes more familiar, more comfortable and can therefore be executed more confidently. One is able to exercise this practice to the point where there is little or no FRICTION between thinking and drawing. The practice becomes ASSIMILATED. What appears on the PAPER before you occurs at the same rate of the (un)conscious thoughts that produce the image. And so, drawing and thinking become assimilated. The image you are both creating and looking at informs what you think; while at the same time what you are thinking informs what it is that you are drawing.