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90.4th Paradisæblevej
Valby, 2500


Drawing windows since 1988. British visual artist based in Copenhagen traveling globally.

Writing ⛵️

"AMSTERDAM". Original English-short published in Danish broadsheet newspaper, Politiken, along with drawing as part of the "Postcards from Other Cities" series. 2015

Daniel van der Noon


High-heeled Catherine wheels churn, flowing in straight lines down wavy pathways. Unconsciously turning your body to adapt to the slant of jammed buildings poking into the corner of your vision; we’re all sinking. The land is soft, and there’s clay on my shoes. Brick-shaped narrow leaves lean out onto the walkway, and the gargle of Dutch emanates from the waterway below. Orange bunting retains the British tourists above.

Your perception slants. Mothers and fathers are dropping their kids off at school in red racing buggies - parked haphazardly outside, a seated infant faces an open red window where the fuschia-haired woman strokes her thigh. Emilie lives just opposite in a converted church.