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90.4th Paradisæblevej
Valby, 2500


Drawing windows since 1988. British visual artist based in Copenhagen traveling globally.

Writing ⛵️

"OSAKA". Original English-short published in Danish broadsheet newspaper, Politiken, along with drawing as part of the "Postcards from Other Cities" series. 2015

Daniel van der Noon


There is no green. Vegetable shopping is endured under 10000 watts of neon tubing mazing across the supermarket walls. Enter under a fluorescent rainbow. Tamade. An isle that encourages you to gamble your red plum tomato under illuminated italic violet script reading ‘fruits’. Outside and 3 meters above is a web of electrical wiring; matted enough to capture a bird were it to attempt passage.

Advertisements remembered in lights and (sometimes acrylic). Colour combinations, imagery and compositions could mean a baker’s or a sex cinema. Some hang like medals of past glamours, products and wares. Pulling life from within these towers, the surface is its epicenter. Inside full of behavior windows shouldn’t see. Flashing by night, a shopping mall by day.

Karaoke parlours keep the land alive. The occasional moped arrives. Rules bend for the elderly. ¥100 (5,05kr) to sing.