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I first met Michael Mortensen back in 2015 when I was invited together with a delegation of Danes to visit New York and meet with Bjarke Ingels and the Bjarke Ingels Group. How I became a part of that group goes even further back to when I formed a friendship with Rune Kilden who was massively supportive of my work and enterprise during the time I lived in Aarhus and to this day (continuing to recommend my drawings to people), something I am eternally grateful for. ‍ Promised that I would draw on the walls of his new office at CASA, Horsens the project was realised in 2017-2018. There were 3 wall drawings created in total – the first combined buildings from both Horsens and CASA’s largest projects, the second was drawn as a result of the opinions of people working in the office as to their favourite cities, buildings and holiday destinations, and the third mural was largely built out of my imagination.

Walls & Windows
CASA Group, Horsens
CASA Group
CASA Group
Eivind Sorgenfryd
Eivind Sorgenfryd
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