Drawing Plants, Buildings & Everything in Between


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In 2020, I was invited by Danish Architecture Centre Design Shop to create a book. Making a batch of the edition in store, I also made the edition available in my webshop and am now seeking a publisher to collaborate with to create the second volume. Page by page, the book invites the user to explore the medium of drawing entirely without judgement, hesitation and, page by page hopefully doing its job of instilling some kind of confidence. It's all about pulling out what's inside our imagination on to the page. The aim is to move as freely with a pen as a comedian with their tongue and native language. It's about dancing freely. Removing all of the friction and obstacles that prevent us from drawing as freely as we (secretly) think. The exercises touch on the value of patience, self-confidence and personality in how we draw. I did all I could to somehow reduce some of the exercises I try out with people in physical workshops. There's a few blind drawing exercises, there's a lot about trusting the hand and drawing from the imagination and trusting that process with a full heart. Among my favourite exercises include instructions written into an imaginary skyscraper: "PERHAPS THE BEST THING ABOUT DRAWING IS THAT WHATEVER SOMEONE MIGHT SAY ABOUT YOUR DRAWINGS - BE IT NASTY OR NICE - THERE IS ONLY REALLY ONE PERSON WHO KNOWS WHAT IT IS THEY HAVE DRAWN....YOU" on the opposite page I then include a bunch of drawings of cats; some fancy, some accurate, some all out of proportion along with the written text... "These cats don't really look like any of the ones I saw on the street earlier." "But I say they are all cats, so they are cats!" Specifications about the book. Edition of 400. - Drawn in Copenhagen, printed in Aarhus, Denmark on 100% leftover paper - A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) - Drawings and words on every page, the book narrates the user through a series of exercises to build up their drawing muscles and confidence in preparation to believe in their ability to draw whatever they wish - A mix of high quality acid-free paper types (150g-170g) - Durable 307g Kraft cover - 40 pages

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