Dual Mural @BIG BIG Architect Group, Broadway 61 NYC. DvdN x Mormor x BIG August MMXV
  T H E I N V E N T O R Y  Emil Monty Freddie Photography Studio, NV, Copenhagen MMXV  Documentation captured by Alexander Archimbaud from a 2-day drawing installation and process piece; preoccupied with collapsing, cracking and analysing past lines in a bid to sought out new lines, experimental processes and, simply put: blurring the lines of past, present and future as well as the nature of drawing as an expressive medium.  Sketchbooks, journal pieces and drawings spread out include fragments of process-pieces made, and material found in New York, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Aarhus, London & Paris to mention but a few sources.  Also fuelled by a strong social element present in the studio during its production. Drawn in the company of Johanna.    http://www.montygraf.dk/  location   http://ourmaninparis.fr/  photography