Artist statement

An apertif

I work out of my studio in Sydhavn, Copenhagen with words, painting, drawing, collage and video. I’m from Birmingham and moved to Denmark in 2012. I can now operate in Danish. I played football in Amsterdam, was a student of Literature and Philosophy in Leeds and Copenhagen, and I hover in and around the realm of picture-making.

Through a studio-based practice I investigate tactility and the aesthetics of information; exploring, broadly, the medium of the collage. Making the information age become a digestive. An aperitif. The content leans toward exploring themes of colonialism, consciousness, literary history and identity. There’s war, peace, philosophy, naysayers, and necromancers. Medieval castles and crystalline skyscrapers.

I work between this studio practice and also my work with creating impressions of architecture, cities and buildings. These manifest as art works, Giclée print editions and murl comissions.

I am also teaching art in different schools and experiment with the form of the workshop. Children are important and it is chief among my priorities to provide opportunities for them to enjoy fantastic memories with art during their formative years. Working with young artists is also close to my heart encouraging them that whatever they want to bring into this world is possible.

Copenhagen, April 2024