Drawing is a part of my daily life. I enjoy looking at ways to use drawing to expand my consciousness, as well as working out ways to use it intelligently challenge myself. There are several strands to my practice. I can draw cities, which as this website testifies pop up again and again and again. Using them as something of a map, and of course for the usage of all sorts of fitting projects they have become synonymous almost with my hand.

I enjoy also flexing what is possible with drawing and not marrying myself to be able to execute only one style of drawing. I like to turn myself inside out and basically keep digging to find the depths of my own creative core. This is of course a life endeavour, and as some of my more experimental projects testify there are as many styles available to the curious artist as there are hues of colour in a rainbow.

photo: Piter Castillo, CCA, Mallorca 2022

Splicing drawing and painting, I like to put mediums to work against one an-other; exploring the infinite stripes of the contemporary tools of image-making expression. Where ink cannot provide, words fill in; and so too does paint do what either of the former cannot. The collages become something of battle-grounds, dojos or dancehalls where the mediums duke it out.

The upshot are these visual appropriations of consciousness, the residue left remaining on the fallout from these collisions. Doubts, desires, spirituality, media, influences, friends and foes all find voice simultaneously.

The marks, splotches, stickers and words detail an experience of the inner and outer world. Lines embody fragments of attained knowledge, internet-gains, and impressions of the external world. These three-dimensional collages zigzag between words, images, form and content.

Drawn across time and often in multiple locations the WORKS ON PAPER are often slow-cooked. Using bought, foraged and collected resources from different corners of the globe, the layers build over time and accumulating the culture of their surroundings.

The theme of limits and experimentation runs deep particularly where thePAINTINGS are concerned. The ingredients and list of methodologies for some of the more recent works are more native to a Gordon Ramsay cookbook than an art catalogue. This attraction to rich materiality piqued during my recently completed artist residency at CCA Mallorca – a description of which is offered below.

While experimenting with painting over the years, it is particularly during the past 2 years I have engaged in exploring the medium more seriously.

Photo: Micah Levy, Paris 2019

My artistic practice is broad having worked as a professional artist, based inDenmark for the past 10 years mostly in the domain of drawing. Recent stand-out projects have included:

  • The first 360 mural in the city of Paris winning an international competition with a proposal which illuminated the global LGBQT+ community through urban intervention in 2019
  • Artist identity for grand re-opening of La Samaritaine in Paris 2021 which included creating a live mural and presentation for Louis Vuitton Group
  • A series of coloured skyline murals for Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group’s award-winning project
    AARhus in 2019.

Most of all, I enjoy engaging people of any age everywhere in the world through the act of image-creation, desiring strongly for humanity to identify with its shared creative spirit through the undertaking of unfolding my own imaginative worlds.

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